Episode 15- The Case of Old MacDonald's Farm

This week the boys tackle a case that's been right under their noses since childhood. Could an old nursery rhyme be the key to unlocking the terrible fate that happened to a simple farmer?

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Episode 10- The Case of the 5 Benjamins

This week on case closed beers open, the boys separate for the first time in over 3 decades. Owen ends up in England with a new friend (Brian Quinn) as they set out on a mission. But where is jason?!

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Episode 9- The Case of the Saranac Secret Santa

Someone is sending everyone mysterious and haunting Christmas cards. The boys, with the help of Grizz and a one horse open sleigh, go down a rabbit hole filled with beers, friends, and head scratching conundrums. Can their old friend Coop point them in the right direction?!

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Episode 8- The Case of the Alaskan Moose Dog

A listener of Case Closed Beers Open sent the boys a mystery that brought them to the wilderness of Alaska to uncover a true head scratcher. 

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